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Power flushing seasonal heating plumbing & gas Bournville, Harborne, Edgbaston, Moseley & Kings Heath
What is Power-flushing?

Power-flushing will clean a central heating system internally and in particular improve radiator performance and heat output. Put simply, it’s rather like vacuum cleaning the inside of your radiators & boiler; only using a mixture of water & a cleaning fluid to pump & flush out the insides of your heating system. 

To professionally power flush the average house central heating system will take  approximately a day, this includes flushes every radiator one by one.

With an increase in fuel prices cleaning and Power-flushing your central heating system can result in saving money on your heating costs due to the fact that all the internal elements will be clean and able to work to their respective maximum potential.

NOTE: Boiler manufactures may not guarantee your new boiler installation if the system is not chemically cleaned. The British Standards and the Benchmark demand that the system should be thoroughly cleaned. Thus, when fitting a new replacement boiler to an existing heating system we would strongly recommend that you have a power-flushing undertaken.

Power-flushing can help with the following problems:
  • Cold Radiators: Sediment of iron oxide sludge accumulating at the bottom of radiators restricts the flow pattern.
  • Fuel Wastage: In untreated heating systems, corrosion debris accumulates in the boiler and, in hard water areas lime-scale will form. The insulating effect of these deposits reduces heat transfer to the circulating water. 3mm of lime scale deposit on the heat exchanger will add 18% to your fuel bill.
  • Sludge and Scale: Black Oxide sludge forms continuously in all unprotected central heating systems as a result of corrosion. It will also harden into scale on the hottest surfaces of a system, causing the boiler to make knocking or banging noises called ‘kettling’ 
  • Boiler Failure: Assuming no other faults exist, the insulating effect of accumulated deposits of sludge and scale can restrict the transfer of heat to such an extent that the boiler overheats and fractures!
  • Pump Seizure & Failure: Black Oxide sludge, being abrasive and magnetisable, increases shaft and bearing wear which is the most common cause of sticking pumps and pump failures.
We use market leader Kamco's high powered power flush pump and accessories for carrying out our Power flushing 
Kamco's diagram (right) shows symptoms which may indicate that a power flush is required (click diagram to link to Kamco's website)
Power flushing seasonal heating plumbing & gas Bournville, Harborne, Edgbaston, Moseley & Kings Heath
How to keep your central heating system in top condition

We recommend fitting a central heating filter system such as the  SpiroVent RV2 microbubble deaerator which continuously removes circulating air and microbubbles from the system fluid.

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