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Full boiler service 

  • All checks as performed for the annual boiler check
  • Boiler fired to Identify any faults and the operation of its controls checked
  • Boiler Casing Checked to see it’s properly sealed
  • Flue terminal checked and ensured it’s not blocked & Internal Flue Components are Sealed Properly
  • All system connections and fittings ensured to be sound, tightness of any fittings checked for leakage
  • Gas meter checked for gas leaks and safety, rate & heat input measured and recorded 
  • The system refilled, vented and re-pressured as necessary
  • Expansion vessel checked
  • Heat Exchanger & Burner removed & cleaned 
  • Combustion chamber insulation panels checked & replaced if needed
  • Spark Electrodes checked & replaced if needed
  • Spark gap positioning & height checked 
  • Condensate trap drain cap unscrewed to remove any deposits
  • Boilers performance checked with a Flue Gas Analyser
  • Details of the service recorded in the manufacturer’s service record document
  • Service certificate completed and a copy is given to you for your reference
  • Most boiler manufacturers recommend this more in-depth inspection & service is carried out every 3-4 years, with an annual boiler check being carried out each year inbetween

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